Wemyss Single cask–’Honey Spice’ 1991 (Bunnahabhain)

Wemyss malts also bottles some very good single casks in addition to the blended malt whiskies. The latest batch of single casks includes a distillery name on the label in addition to the Wemyss special naming scheme describing the whisky so accurately as I’ve grown to learn. Today we shall sample another one of those, a 1991 year old Bunnahabhain aged in a sherry cask.

Wemyss honey spice 1991 Bunnahabhain , 46% ABV , £68wemyss-honeys-spice

Nose : We’re definitely in sherry territory here. Sherry with spices: Cinnamon Cardamom  a bit of coastal effect over here too.
Palate: Sherry goodness with peppery spice edge as well as wood spices (mainly Cinnamon). Sultanas and raisins. Oak and some old  tobacco leaves. Ginger candy to finish with.
Finish: Medium-long. Raisins chocolate and spices.

A very nice and  Highly enjoyable dram. Again, the only thing I’d wish to change is the ABV%, for a yummy single cask as this one 50% and more would probably improve it by a few points. Wemyss, think about it, will you? Winking smile

Score: 87/100

Official sample was provided by Wemyss Malts.

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