Tasting Auchentoshan 1999 Malts of Scotland

Another one of the Toshans from the sample swap with the ‘Toshan Man, Mark. I was really looking to tasting this one, being a sherry cask, and indie selected by Belgian whisky club Fulldram. And I was in for a treat


Auchentoshan 1999 Malts of Scotland Xmas Fulldram , 56,4% ABV , Cask # 2412

Nose: Sweet burst of sugars. Big sherry influence with dates, raisins and a touch of the balsamic. Classic sherry really Textbook. Oloroso supreme.
Palate: As expected a real sweet winey rich palate. Mouth coating warming and delicious. Candied fruits , chocolate covered raisins , syrupy and delicious with a bit if bitter coffee beans to Balance it out.Truly yummy.
Finish: Sweet spicy ending on bitter chocolate / espresso.

Well made, ideal for a cold winter evening, or a winter evening (it does not get very cold over here, but under 10 is considered cold).

Score: 89/100

3 thoughts on “Tasting Auchentoshan 1999 Malts of Scotland

    1. I really didn’t think it needed that. As a rule, I am no very fond of water added to my whiskies. even to very high AVB% ones. i dont often find it that it makes them better (for me).  This is a young sherry dram, and it’s just perfect as it is.
      😉 personal preference.
      too bad we dont get many good toshans here. the basic ones are ok but not in any way great.


  1. Gal, I agree on this one. Very nice and no need for water. Most of the Indie Toshans are better than the distillery bottlings, although there are some beauties there too. The basic ones, like the Classic, 12 and Three Wood, are a bit easygoing but not earthshattering. All in all, a fine distillery (with a wonderful crew) with nice (daily) whiskies. I love ‘m.

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