Master of Malt Rumbullion!

Today we’re off the whisky trail and taking a wee detour to experiment and explore a rather unique spirit from Master of Malt. the Rumbullion. This one is the brain child of Professor Cornelius Ampleforth based on the kind of rich, full-bodied rums the seafaring fraternity would have enjoyed centuries ago.

At the core it a blend of the very finest high proof Caribbean rum, to which was added creamy Madagascan vanilla and a generous helping of zesty orange rind. A secret recipe was followed, and the Professor finished his hearty tipple with a handful of cinnamon and cloves and just a hint of cardamom. Sounds delicious, and a good option to keep warm in the cold winter nights. Packaging is also very unique as you can see below. Ship, ahoy!

Rumbullion , Master of Malt 42.6% ABV , £33 download

Nose: A spice party ! Cloves, orange peel cinnamon licorice cardamom etrogim. you name it, it’s there with all it’s might. Add a bit of  star Anise And vanilla. and there you go!  Very sweet and spiced.
Palate : Spicy mama! With some pepper, orange peel, burnt sugar , cinnamon and a lot of cloves. Orange marmalade too spread on a chilly toast with marmite gone mad. It’s insane.
Finish:  Cinnamon and spice, with a bite of licorice.

Unique. Spiced. Heart warming, and quite different. This is a lovely dram for winter times, and can also be used as a base of many cocktails. Interesting stuff if you want a bit of a change from the daily dram.

Thank you Professor Cornelius.

no score for this one, as I don’t quite know how to score this one. 😉


official sample provided by master of malt.

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