Tasting Kintra Whisky Laphroaig 13 yo single cask

firecrackers fire crackersWe continue tasting the newest bottling from Kintra, and after that Coal Ila, another Islay from Laphroaig. This time aged in a sherry butt. Sherry and peat can go well together, or can be very bad together, depending on the cask and balance. Happily this one is a great example of how a sherry but and a peaty spirit can work together and produce great young sherried monsters.

Kintra Whisky Laphraoig 13 yo , 55,4% ABV Refill sherry butt


Nose : We’re at the 4th of July, or Independence day here with a lot of Gunpowder, fire crackers and smoke. some sherry balsamic and smoke.
Palate: Sweet smoke, pepper, eggnog ,smoked sausage and burnt sugar. Very warming , mouth coating and soothing. Very much like eating a roast in front of a fireplace with crackers flying up in the sky.
Finish : licorice with pepper, Wood. Some Distant smoke.

A great little cracker. nice Sherry peat combo with those lovely gunpowder notes.

Score: 87/100

Many thanks to Erik for this official sample

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5 thoughts on “Tasting Kintra Whisky Laphroaig 13 yo single cask

  1. After I tasted a sample of this great  Laphroaig, I ordered a bottle right away. I like this gunpowder-sherry-smell and taste!

    Nice to see that others think the same way 🙂

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