Tasting a unique Springbank : Frederica Golf Club bottling 2009

I’ve posted notes of a Port Charlotte bottled by my Danish friend Jorn, a few months ago, and that was a total cracker. Jorn is a great person, a true whisky and golf lover, and apparently has a great sense of choosing good casks. Now it’s time to enjoy his prior bottling a 10 year old Springbank he bottled last year. I heard great things about this expression from Steffen (@macdeffe , from whose blog I nicked the image) who is a fellow Dane, and a friend of Jorn’s (the person through which I came to know an meet Jorn). A few months ago, Jorn was visiting Israel, where he has a family, and gladly he brought over a bottle of this wonderful nectar. We could not meet, sadly, but I do hope we’ll meet soon and share a few drams in Tel Aviv. here is to his health, and many more outstanding bottlings like that.

Springbank 10 yo , Frederica Golf Club, Bottled Nov 2009, Fresh Bourbon cask # 261Jorn_SB

Nose:  a lot of  sea spray , some peat and sweet rose water and vanilla. Like dipping candy tin brine.
Palate : Whoa! A powerful peaty palate. Much more than the nose suggests. Oily mouth feel , pepper and malt. Quite a lot of wood influence too for a teenager. This is indeed almost as Peaty as a Longrow!
Finish: Long. Smoke. Butter wood and   Some salt.

This is an outstanding malt. Surprisingly peaty, and very unique for a Springbank. great choice of cask there, Jorn ;/

Score: 90/100

many thanks to Jorn for his generosity and allowing me to sample this great bottling of his!

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5 thoughts on “Tasting a unique Springbank : Frederica Golf Club bottling 2009

  1. Hi all – First of all, I’m glad you liked the whisky Gal – Always a pleasure to bring good whisky to people who really enjoys 🙂 And to Andrew. I bourght two casks of Springbank back in 1999 – A Fresh Sherry Butt (632 bottles in 2008 and this fresh bourbon barrel (210 bottles in 2010). I had a lot of fun with these bottlings. The stopped selling to privates in 2000. The next one I will have bottled is a 2002 Bruichladdich Fresh Rum Barrel (Gal, I bring you one next time I come to Israel 🙂
    Best regards
    Jorn, Fredericia, Denmark

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