Whisky Round Table #18– Holiday season recommendations

It’s time for this month’s Round Table and this time we start on a sad accord. one of the knights (Mark Connelly), who currently has a lot of whisky business on his mind (a Whisky Shop , which looks very cool, A whisky Festival coming soon, and of course the WWW forum) has decided to leave the forum as he has too much on his plate. It’s been a pleasure having him here, and I do wish him a lot of success in his whisky journey, he seems to do just great!

the remaining knights are:

Chris – Nonjatta
Keith – Whisky Emporium
Karen & Matt – Whisky For Everyone
Ruben – Whisky Notes
Neil & Joel – Caskstrength.net
Lucas & Chris – Edinburgh Whisky Blog
Jason – Guid Scotch Drink
Gal(me) – Whisky Israel
Mike – Whisky Party
Peter – The Casks
Joshua – The Jewish Single Malt Whisky Society

this month Jason of guid scotch drink has posted a question : “Holiday season is fast approaching for many folk. What’s the one whisky and one whisky book that you recommend to the most people?

Visit jason’s Blog, and read what the knights think Winking smile

Wishing you all a very good holiday season be it Xmas, Chanuka or whatever you are celebrating!


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