Tasting the new Jura ‘Elixir’

Jura is hard at work, producing new expressions, and after the very limited ‘1976, comes this one, which is less limited, yet sold only in the UK and in Sainsbury’s. yes, available only at that UK retail chain…Jura Elixir_Gravestone

Why Elixir? The Jura distillery has a tradition of drawing upon the island’s myths and legends, as inspiration for their whiskies and Elixir is another example of that. This folklore say that the island’s water, used in all their whiskies, has life-prolonging and mystical health-giving properties. Several Diurachs (people living on the isle of Jura)  claimed to have lived to their hundreds, including one man who, according to his gravestone, lived to be 180 years old. (see pic of his tomb stone).

As for the whisky it’s a vatting of casks Finished in a mix of American White Oak and Sherry casks and sold in a wee 375ml bottle. Cute. Let’s try this one out, shall we?

Jura Elixir , 40% ABV , 35cl , £16.95 (Sainsbury’s only)Elixir

Nose : Fruity and quite sweet and sherried with hints of tobacco in addition to dried plums and dry cherubs. Some cinnamon and citrus in the edges. Quite some wood. It’s heavier than expected.
Palate : Sweet , and spicy. With dried fruit, wood spice, oak. A bit nutty and gingery. The sherry is king here. No doubt. Not much smoke, not at all .
Finish : Medium with chocolate powder , raisins and plums.

Bottom line:

So, how is it? Actually It’s quite good. for some reason I was expecting something more like the Superstition or Prophecy (not sure why, since the box says “Fruity & Spicy” and it’s just that). A lot of lovely sherry effects, and interesting combination of dried fruits and those cherubs.

Lovely wintery dram, and at that price, you’ve better pick one the next time your’e out shopping in Sainsbury’s. It’s a small bottle,so you can’t go wrong there.

Score: 84/100

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