Tasting Auchentoshan Bordeaux finish 1988

Another Toshan today, this time a very limited, and very unique one. This bottling was released in 2008 , as a duty free only edition (or distillery shop exclusive) , with an outrun of 1800 bottles only.Calling it a wine finish is really not so accurate, as it spent 8 years in ex-bourbon casks, and another 12 years!!! in Saint-Julien Bordeaux casks. So it’s more of a double maturation than a finish…

Bottled at 52,4% ABV and costing around 150 EUR at the time, I was very fortunate to have gotten this sample.

Auchentoshan Bordeaux finish 1988, 20 yo , 52,4% ABV

Lovely color on this whisky, and not surprising after a long wine cask maturation : Deep golden copper. auchentoshan

Nose : wine-y and tannins galore. With orange marmalade , ginger , almost meaty and a bit vinegary. Massive wine. Used Matches and moist soil.

Palate: spicy and very winey on the entry. Bouillon, sultanas and again that thick jam. Plums and prunes. Pepper cinnamon and butter wood.

Finish : pepper, fortified wine and spices. Sprinkle a bit if cocoa powder.

A very rewarding dram, that can benefit from a bit of water, but can also be drunk neat, and savored. A great after dinner dram, for the wee hours.

Score : 85/100

Many thanks for the Toshan man Mark Dermul for the sample

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  1. Gal, the pleasure is all mine, sir. I’m always happy to share Auchentoshan if that means people can give it a go and spread the word!

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