Wemyss Round 6 : Ginger Compote Single Cask,Speyside Vintage 1996

ginger-rootSo We’ve reached the final tasting note in this series (3 more to come next month), and to conclude it, we’ll be tasting another single cask, this time a Speyside single cask, 1996 vintage called “Ginger Compote”.Not a bad dram, and again Wemyss names those with much accuracy. Bingo. Shall we start nosing the compote?

Wemyss Malts ‘Ginger Compote’ Single Cask,Speyside Vintage 1996, 46% , £58Speyside

Nose: Starting on zesty gingery stuff: Ginger, cinnamon, and some orange peel candy, mixed with malty and toffee notes.

Palate: Spicy, gingery again, with a lot of “zing” to it, more vanilla, and wood spices. The edge is peppery but is balanced by sweet notes of malt and honey.

Finish : Longish with ginger and sherry and cocoa powder getting stronger as time passes, with the ginger settling down, letting the cocoa shine.

A lovely dram this is, zingy,vibrant and fresh.Good work Wemyss.Among the single casks this is the 2nd best, after the extraordinary “whispering smoke”, and before the “Red Berry Cream”.

Score: 88/100

Cheers again to the guys at Wemyss for the official sample.

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