Wemyss Malts Take IV : Whispering Smoke 1981, Single Cask (Islay)

Time for the big guns: the Wemyss malts single cask bottlings, selected by Charlie Mclean. I’ve chosen to start with a peated cask, and IMHO the best of their bottling I’ve tasted to date. This one was distilled in 1981 , bottled 2011, at 46%(why?) with only 228 bottles (to bad!), it’s sold out (no wonder) and it’s wonderful.


Nose: Starting with liquorice, malty notes, sweet dough, fruit: stewed apples and vanilla, few hints of smoke, but very subtle. this is not a peaty monster. no it’s not. it’s refined, elegant.

Palate : Smokier than the nose suggests, yet gentle. Again vanilla sweet honey, apples in syrup, chocolate milk. A wonderful balance of smoke and cocoa.

Finish : chocolate milk with smoke.

Bottom Line:

This is a stunner. Gentle smoke, on top of chocolate and malty notes, with the apples. sublime stuff. Don’t be looking for an avalanche of smoke , peat and tar. this one is far gentler than that. Great selection of cask. I love it. Too bad it’s not cheaper, and too bad it’s all gone. all gone. If you can find a bottle (i know some are looking) buy it without a blink. it’s worth every penny.

Score: 91/100

Again, Many thanks to Karen of Wemyss for the official sample.

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