Tasting the Wemyss malts ‘Peat Chimney’

As a peat-head, no better start than a peaty blended malt for starting our little Wemyss malts series of tasting notes, right? This is a Blended malt (a blend of several single malts from different distilleries) with an emphasis on Islay malts, the youngest is 8 years old. Not much more information on the Wemyss site. Ready? Go.

Wemyss ‘Peat Chimney’ 8 yo, 40% ABV, 29 GBPWemyss-peat-chim

Nose: A lot of peat, quite peppery, liquorice, with a lot of sweetness underneath, which backs it up.

Palate : Sweet avalanche of peat smoke , spice,cinnamon with a good measure of malty backbone.

Finish : Dry peat smoke, with fruity notes. Cocoa powder too on the longish finish.

So how was it? Nice, not ultra complex but very enjoyable.  Nice peat and fruit chocolate combo, for a good price.

Score: 84/100

Many thanks to Karen for the official sample.

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