Tasting the ‘New’ Laddie 10 year old (Batch 1)

So, here comes the post about the much awaited Laddie 10. The first bottling of a 10 year old distilled after the distillery was “resurrected” so to speak. I was really keen on trying it and got a bottle even before i sampled it, seeing raving reviews from Serge(whiskyfun), and others. Today I’ve spotted another enthusiastic review by John Hansell  on Whisky Advocate Blog. On the other side, a review by the Edinburg whisky blog was not very favourable… So, let’s see how this one feels like.

Bruichladdich 10 Year Old – The Laddie Ten, 46% ABV,£32bruichladdich-10-year-old-the-laddie-ten-whisky

Nose: signature mini “baby vomit” that can not be mistaken for any other. After a few min in the glass almost vanishes and gives way to violets, and the gentlest  peat  with hints of seaside (brine).
Palate: starts with some wee peat covering a few sherry notes. Malty, and sugary with creamy texture and vanilla highlights.  spicy bits of ginger cookies. Wee metal note as well and used tea bags.

Finish: delicate wood , spice(ginger) , and citrus.

This is a good whisky period. It’s young, but quite complex, it feels a bit older by a few years. very drinkable. The nose is good, and the palate is much better, with a fair finish. Is it amazing? No. Is it bad? Of course not, It’s very good. But not stunning as I’ve expected it to be. I don’t regret having a bottle of this, it’s very drinkable and will keep me company for some time i am quite sure. A young good whisky, i see no reason to rate it in the 90’s. Lower 80’s is a good place to be. If we’re talking younger Laddies I prefer the PC line with the amazing 6,7,8 year olds.


Score: 85/100

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