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[31 Oct 2011 | No Comment | ]
Tasting the AnCnoc 1997 vintage

You all know that i have a warm spot in my heart for the AnCnocs. The 12 year old is a house favourite here, so light and gentle, great for summer, and after having visited the distillery a few months ago, and meeting the lovely distillery people and manager, every time i sip on a wee dram, those lovely memories …

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[27 Oct 2011 | No Comment | ]
Tasting the ‘New’ Laddie 10 year old

So, here comes the post about the much awaited Laddie 10. The first bottling of a 10 year old distilled after the distillery was “resurrected” so to speak. I was really keen on trying it and got a bottle even before i sampled it, seeing raving reviews from Serge(whiskyfun), and others. Today I’ve spotted another enthusiastic review by John Hansell  …

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[25 Oct 2011 | 2 Comments | ]
Wemyss Round 6 : Ginger Compote Single Cask,Speyside Vintage 1996

So We’ve reached the final tasting note in this series (3 more to come next month), and to conclude it, we’ll be tasting another single cask, this time a Speyside single cask, 1996 vintage called “Ginger Compote”.Not a bad dram, and again Wemyss names those with much accuracy. Bingo. Shall we start nosing the compote?

Wemyss Malts ‘Ginger Compote’ Single Cask,Speyside …

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[24 Oct 2011 | No Comment | ]
Whisky Bible 2012 winners are announced!

It’s this time of the year again, and Jim Murray’s whisky bible award winners are announced. While I do not rely on the bible as my source for looking up whiskies, a lot of people are, so this is an important announcement (especially for the winners – which will most definitely see a surge in demand).
This year’s big winner is …

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[24 Oct 2011 | One Comment | ]
More Wemyss : Red Berry Cream Single Cask vintage 1990

After the glorious “Whispering smoke” arrive at out 2nd single cask tasting note, this time a Highland single cask, distilled 1990. I’ve seen some sites pointing to the Ben Nevis distillery, yet the Wemyss site does not indicate which distillery is behind this one.
Very different than the w.some, this one is all about red fruits & berries, as the name …

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[23 Oct 2011 | One Comment | ]
A few hours in Macau where The Macallan shines bright

Richard Barr is a member of the Whisky Israel tasting society , a blog correspondent at times,  and a good whisky friend and big whisky lover. From time to time he posts his notes and adventures on our blog.

A few weeks back, I spent a couple weeks in Hong Kong for work. On this visit I didn’t spend any …

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[21 Oct 2011 | One Comment | ]
Wemyss Malts Take IV : Whispering Smoke 1981, Single Cask (Islay)

Time for the big guns: the Wemyss malts single cask bottlings, selected by Charlie Mclean. I’ve chosen to start with a peated cask, and IMHO the best of their bottling I’ve tasted to date. This one was distilled in 1981 , bottled 2011, at 46%(why?) with only 228 bottles (to bad!), it’s sold out (no wonder) and it’s wonderful.

Nose: Starting …

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[19 Oct 2011 | 4 Comments | ]
Tasting Old Pulteney ‘Row to the Pole’ edition

Today We will be tasting a new Old Pulteney expression : “Row to the pole” edition. this bottling is commemorating the first ever successful row to the magnetic North Pole. Old Pulteney Row to the Pole took place earlier this year and the crew as well as all involved are celebrating this extraordinary achievement tonight (19 Oct) at a homecoming …

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[19 Oct 2011 | No Comment | ]
Wemyss Malts Take III : Tasting the ‘Spice King’ 8yo

We come to the third and last Wemyss blended malts aged 8 years (the next ones i will be tasting will be single cask malts). This time with an emphasis on 8 year old Island malt. Until today the names were spot on, so i was expecting something spicy, and delicious. I was not disappointed… Dram on!

Wemyss ‘Spice King’ 8 …

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[18 Oct 2011 | No Comment | ]
Wemyss Malts Take II : Tasting the ‘Smooth Gentleman’ 8 yo

Another Wemyss blended malt, this time we move on from the Islay emphasis of the peat chimney, to this 8 year old with an emphasis on Highland malts from a first fill Bourbon cask. Now let’s see if this gentleman lives up to its name…
Wemyss smooth gentleman 8 yo , £29
Nose:  Starting in the sweet side , honey, fresh …