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Wild Whisky Weekend – Falster, Denmark

denmark_flag_wave2__35931_zoomHans-Hanrik Hansen, is the worlds biggest Glenfiddich collector (post about him coming soon), in addition he’s a whisky lover and fanatic (in the good way).Each year he holds a whisky weekend in the hotel he owns in Falster,DK, where a lot of good whisky, and company can be found. It’s a lovely event, and If you’re able to be there, i suspect you’re in for a treet. In addition to a Gala dinner, there are a few tasting events and classes including:

  • Golfing session with Ian Millar
  • Latest novelties from Glenfiddich tasting Friday
  • W&M Tasting with Dalmore’s David Robertson which includes some interesting drams (40 y.o Astram , Fettercairn 40, and the Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland whisky)
  • The Vikings tasting featureing HP Earl & Saint Magnus, Haakon, Hjarta, Sword, and Leif Eriksson

And more Interesting stuff…

you can book your place at : [email protected]@dk (Denmark Whisky Academy).

this sounds like a wonderful weekend to me. I better relocate to Denmark eh?

Sadly, i am not affiliated with this event. But it sounds great.

Whisky Samples to ship to Israel from Whiskysamples.euWS_EU

Great news for my fellow Israelis! until now we could not order samples from whiskysamples.eu, and this is changing. Thanks to the new management, it’s now perfectly ok to order and ship samples to israel. In addition, i was able to get you Israeli blog members 5% off for the next weeks until end of September, 2011 ! lovely eh?

All you have to do is select Israel as your country, and enter the following code: WHIIS.

That’s it! simple.

as for shipping costs, they are also very reasonable (1-4 samples at 10 EUR, 5-12 samples 15 EUR and so on).

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