Tasting ‘Ron de Jeremy’ ,oh yes!

A Rum. yes. My first rum tasting note on a whisky blog, and what do i choose? Yes, Ron de Jeremy. I was really keen on trying this, and as soon as i got the sample from the fine guys at Master of Malt (thank you guys!), i poured me a wee dram.

So, how do you go about writing tasting notes on a dram like that? Every word is/can be an innuendo, and every adjective is well… problematic. Few others have tried and did quite well.

So, i will just have fun with it, and see how it goes, ok? 😉 and yes, Puns are intended.

When i posted the same question on twitter and Facebook, i immediately got a lot of responses, and you can guess what they were… you naughty social media friends…

OK, If you’ve been living on mars for the last 30 years or, on some desert island or a nunnery, you should be familiar with Ron Jeremy, and his “artistic” films in which he demonstrates his many abilities, and well, big talent *wink*. Here’s the man and the legend presenting his Rum.

Ok, let’s get on with it and to the notes!ron-de-jeremy-rum

Ron de Jeremy , 40% ABV , £29

As for the run, it’s a 7 year old dark rum from Panama, hand-crafted by Master Distiller Don Pancho Fernandez .

Nose: Quite tropical. Spices and fruit: Melon papaya And quite some sugar cane. Thick sugary base. all in all, lovely.
Palate: sweet , woody (oh laugh!) and lots of dried fruits running in all directions. Spicy initial effect then more rounded and sweet with some cinnamon and allspice.
Finish : medium long (yes yes, i know) . As Ron would approve  😉 Oak and spice go a long way. Nice.

Bottom line:

If we ignore all the PR and dazzle, this is a very nice rum. Not something that will change your life, but it’s a good rum. very sippable,even neat.

No score this time, as it’s a Rum and i am walking on terra incognita here. Let’ say it’s pretty damn good.


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