Tasting Master of Malt’s ‘Brown Drink’.

A quick question: What do you get when you vat together 542 different kinds of spirits, mix them well, and then bottle them up? You got it right, “the brown drink”. This is exactly what the chaps over at Master of Malt did. As you know they are offering 100’s of dram sized samples and they make about 23 samples out of each bottle. which leaves 10 ml in the bottle. So, they took all those ‘spare’ 10 ml’s and made a new drink out of those all.  they included many whiskies : from From Aberlour 19 Year Old Cask Strength, to Zuidam 5 Year Old Rye!, for example. Very curious how this might taste like, I am sure you too are. Will it be horrific? will it be great?

I was lucky enough  to get a wee sampler of 30ml of this unique vatting, and here are my notes. (thanks again to those amazing chaps over at Mom, they sure know their work!).

Master of Malt’s Brown Drink , 44.2% ABV,£40master-of-malt-brown-drink-spirit

Nose : starts rather peaty. Didn’t expect that! Sone malty sweetness too with hints of honey and spice.
After some time apples but the sour kind. Interesting …
Palate : starts quite spicy with ample amount of smoke. Grass, coriander, cocoa , sweet maltiness but Also some austere notes.
Finish : Wow! spicy. Long. With sweet chocolate and malt. Goes on for a long time then some ‘cafe au lait’, no sugar.

Bottom line:

This stuff is really good. it’s not horrific, it’s not weird. it’s good. Don’t believe me? get a bottle and try it out. it is. If you have told me this was it blindfolded, I’d never believe you. Impressive!

A pleasure to sip. and a genuinely interesting dram. Cult.

Score: 85/100

Many thanks for the chaps at MoM for this official sample.

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