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If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you probably remember me posting my notes on 3 previous bottling by Kintra, and loving them, with the highlight being the Glen Scotia bottling. Erik Molenaar, owner of Kintra and a real lover of single malt has some new gems up his sleeve, and was kind enough to send me a wee sample of two of those (Kintra is mainly available in the Netherlands, and not in those forsaken parts of the world… – so thank you Eric Much appreciated). Needless to say i had high hopes for those two.

The first i am going to review, is the “Confidential Cask”. Not many details, and Erik is not giving away any more (I tried, believe me i did). All we know it’s a 16 year old, Single cask, Speyside, and by the looks of it, a sherry cask. Let’s sample it and try to guess.

Kintra confidential cask 16 yo, cask No. 5, 53.9% ABV,120 btl, € 65.99


Nose: oh mama. Thick thick sherry. Luscious stuff. Meaty bouillon, apricots ,and orange marmalade.
Palate: Rather fruity, bitter chocolate And ripe oranges. Orange marmalade , fruity and very smooth at CS. No water needed!
Finish : sawdust , orange jam and chocolate. Yummy.

Bottom line:

Another little cracker from Kintra. Definitely worth the money (65 EUR for CS) in my opinion. But, which distillery is it? Hm… Cask # is not helping. My first guess was Dalmore, but this is a Speysider. So… I am clueless here.

If someone has tasted this, and has a better guess, leave a comment below eh? maybe if we guess right Erik will be kind to reveal? 😉

Score: 89/100


6 thoughts on “Tasting Kintra –Confidential Cask

  1. My first thought was also Dalmore. My second thought was also glenfarclas and my third thought was Mortlach. I’m a broken record.

    But, the meatyness, bitterness, and sawdust could suggest Benrinnes and the thickness and lusciousness could suggest Dailuaine.

    For kicks, I think it’d be cool if this was a Glenrothes or a Longmorn. 

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