Buffalo Trace Antique Collection 2010 – bottle share


Bottle share. What a nice idea. You get to sample quite a few exquisite bottles, for the cost of less than a bottle. Cool eh? Bu really, bottle share are a very cool way to try a lot of new whiskies without committing and buying the whole bottle. My good whisky friend Sjoerd D.H (and a great whisky blogger on its own) which runs Malt Fascination, likes organizing bottles shares, and I am always delighted to be the Israeli participant in one of those.  A few months ago he posted a question on twitter , for people that were interested in joining the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection bottle share. all in all 5 bottles. I immediately said yes, as i was meaning to try those babies for a long time. My American whisky experience, is not as vast as the scotch , and I’m always on the mission to expand it. So, after a few weeks, a lovely bunch of cute little 50 ml bottles arrives. the following were in the share:

  • Thomas H. Handy Sazerac 2010
  • Eagle Rare 17 2009
  • George T. Stagg 2010
  • William Larue Weller 2008
  • Sazerac 18

I know this was a long time ago, but i just finished writing my notes the other day. Busy times over at Whisky Israel towers Winking smile

In the next few days i will be posting my notes on each and every one of those gems, so watch this space. All i can say, they are amazing.

Many thanks to Sjoerd for the initiative, and for getting American bottles to the NL, then to Israel.

Twitter rules.


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