The Tweeddale blend 12 year old Batch #2

A few months ago I finally reviewed Batch #1 of the Tweeddale blend, which is a great blend with a beautiful story behind it (read more here) . A few weeks ago the 2nd Batch of the same blend has been released. This time 12 year old rather than the 10 year old. It’s always interesting to see how batches differ from each other, and i was really interested to try the new batch and compare to the first batch. when a wee sample bottle arrived i did not wait and tasted it the same day.

In case you were wondering what has changed as in casks selection :  single grain whisky is 15 years old from a sherry butt. Seven of the eight single malts are from the same casks as batch 1 but a year older 12 years old to 21 years old. One of the malts in batch 2 is 14 years old from a different cask. as before the blend contains a high ratio of Single malt :50% single grain and 50% malt.


The Tweeddale blend, Batch #2 , 12 year old , 46% ABV , £31.50

Nose : starts off with fresh citrus , some grassy notes. Followed by much sweeter notes of malt and honeyed nectar., with dried fruit and sherry
Palate: certainly continues the sweeter nose but on a heavier scale. Some smoke and sultanas with chocolate praline. Sherry influence here is more evident than the first batch. Big bodied and mouth coating. Lovely stuff.
Finish : bitter chocolate, nuts and cocoa powder covered sultanas.  Long and Comforting.

Bottom line

This is a great blend, one of the best i’ve had recently. Well made, great sherry profile, and complex. I wanted another dram right away! if that’s not a test for a great dram, what is? Better than batch #1 by a few points in my opinion. Good work Alasdair! You made your Grandfather proud! Who said blends can not be awesome?

Score: 89/100

Many thanks to Alasdair for the official sample.

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