Glenfiddich Take II : Tasting four Glenfiddich


After enjoying the lovely hospitality of the British Ambassador, we sat down for a short tasting session of 4 GF expressions.

The Tasting was led by Ilan of the Hacerem (Israeli Importer of Glenfiddich), and was set beautifully in the garden around little tables with 4 sitting at each. I sat down for the tasting with two lovely blokes : Richard Salt, Director of Trade & Investment at the embassy, and the  W.Grant & Sons Area manager – Levant.


It’s weird that I do not have a tasting note for this one. I guess it’s amazingly popular, and a cornerstone of every restaurant / bar’s Bar. It’s time it found itself into the WI collection of reviews. So here we go:

Glenfiddich 12 yo, 40% ABV , £25


Nose: Classic Speyside Apple and pears, Text book nose really. Malty, with a bit of citrusy edge.

Palate: Light, the fruits from the nose are here to stay, floral even, some sugar and spice in the background. Not very complex,and quite light bodied.

Finish:Medium with orchard fruit, wood and malt.

Bottom line:

What can i say? the best selling malt, ubiquitous, and good value. It’s not going to transform your life, but it’s very popular, and as such not bad. Not ground breaking by no means.

Glenfiddich 14 yo , Rich Oak , 40% ABV,£32


This one is a fairly new release from GF. In essence it was aged for 14 years in used oak casks, then finished in new wood casks (which had see no bourbon before) ,in a mix of new are American and European oak casks. This should make the spirit more complex, and add some flavours from both types of casks (spice,vanilla,fruit). This is not the first time I am tasting this, but it’s the first time i am keeping notes.

Nose: The Oak infulence here is noticed, with dried fruits, quite a bit of vanilla, and some apples in the background, and some spice.

Palate: Sweeter than the nose, with a kind of “Bourbony” sweetness to it, the dried fruits are also here as well as milk chocolate, and vanilla.nice and smooth.

Finish : Medium, with the dried fruit,and tasted oak.


Bottom line:

Much more interesting than the 12 year old, The virgin wood effect is nice, and adds complexity, spices. Good job.


Glenfiddich 15 yo Solera Reserve, 40% ABV ,£32

This whisky is quite interesting as it’s matured in 3 types of casks (American bourbon, Portuguese sherry and virgin oak), After which the whisky is married in a Solera vat .

Nose: Dried fruit, Kirsch, Sherry and some wee citrus.

Palate: Sweet, with dried fruits galore, cocoa, and a lot of spices. Very nice.

Finish : Long, with malty, dried fruits, sugar and Oak chips.

Bottom line:

Very good whisky, Rich, and complex, with a lot of that wonderful dried fruitiness. It was also the favourite among the Crowd. Well done!

Glenfiddich 21 yo  Caribbean Rum Finish , 40% ABV , £76


The former 21 was finished in Cuban Rum casks, which were then switched to Caribbean Rum casks , as not to upset the American market … The Casks are also filled with rum again in the GF distillery prior to using them to finish the whisky

Nose: Rich , thick, a lot of the rum influence, with chocolate, rum,brown sugar.

Palate: Thick, and rich with chocolate, spice, quite buttery and mouth coating.

Finish :Long, coffee, cocoa, and milk chocolate.

Bottom line:

A rich and very well made Rum finish. Not lacking complexity and very rewarding.

it was a very nice opportunity to sample a few Gfs, i had the 21 for the first time, and really liked it. If i had to pick one, I’d go with the 15 year old, which offers great value at ,£32 and a very sweet and delicious profile.

Glenfiddich may not be the sexiest brand around, but they do offer an interesting and a well made core line of whiskies.


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