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Tasting The BenRiach 13 yo Maderensis Fumosus (peated Madeira finished)

After two non peated beauties, we come back to the peated land. It’s Speyside, yes i know, but if you remember my previous BenRiach posts, i quite liked their peated line. How will this Madeira finish fare? will it be in par with the sherry / rum ‘Fumosuses’?  Let’s dive in. Nose first, of course!benriach-13-year-old-madeira-finish-whisky

The BenRiach 13 yo Maderensis Fumosus , 46% ABV ,£30

Nose: Peat smoke, with a lot of sweet tropical fruit. A kind of a peat lollipop, with a pinch of cinnamon added to it.
Palate:Oodles of sweet peat smoke, cocoa, butterscotch and the spices from the nose. the tropical fruits, are all but gone.
Finish : bitter wood, peat, cocoa, with a bitter sweet edge.

Bottom line:

Another peaty lollipop from The BanRiach. If you like peat combined with fruity, sweet, tropical fruit, this is your dram.I quite liked it, and it’s really on the sweeter side, with the dry peat balancing it out. Not your everyday dram, but a wonderful after dinner dram, with a cigar, or even with some dark chocolate. nice touch on the 46% ABV. all whiskies should be bottled at 46% min.

Score: 84/100

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