Catoctin Creek–Organic rye whisky


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Yesterday Gal visited me, it has been a while since his last visit. We had a very  enjoyable evening with some nice food and great whiskies, Gal always is keen on tasting  drams from my collection (which he has yet to taste) . another incentive to buy bottles while i am abroad.

I asked Gal to bring with him an interesting sample from his collection, he came with a very interesting dram – Catoctin Creek Organic Rye Whiskey .  an American whisky made of Rye.

Catoctin Creek is a distillery in Virginia USA, which makes quality organic spirits and liqueurs: organic rye whisky and gin, brandy from Virginia vines, and seasonal specialty liqueurs.

This whisky is made of pure 100% Rye.

My notes are below:


Very strange dry fruity grass from the  Unlike most whiskies i had until now it  just smells different.  Some old candy, hints of banana, Strong alcohol  kick on the nose. wee hints of wood. The kind of Sweet  syrup that reminds me of  medicine. A bit strange but interesting.


Less sweet than  expected, oily texture i would say a bit buttery.Some bitterness that integrates well with the sweet flavours. strong rye, and some vanilla.


A long finish, with black pepper ,  dry grass , and  rye notes that take control over the wood. finally a wee bit of  caramel sweetness lingers.

Bottom line:

A very special whiskey , recommend before dinner. I can’t say it is a whisky, for me it feels something between a sweet liquor, brandy and whisky.

Slainte סמיילי

4 thoughts on “Catoctin Creek–Organic rye whisky

  1. Long time since Kfir wrote a whisky post! bout time!
    Very nice post, looks like you encountered a new frontier with whiskey 🙂

  2. Great to see a post from Kfir!  Kfir, welcome to the world of young rye whiskies!  They’re strange, interesting and most delicious.  Catoctin Creek is a favorite of mine.  And, for those who keep or are concerned about kosher issues, it’s kosher certified!

  3. Catoctin Creek Distillery is literally a mom and pop operation, run by proprieters Becky and Scott, two of the nicest people on earth. If you visit the Purcellville, Virginia, distillery on certain days you may be allowed to serve as a volunteer bottler at the distillery, and sign the labels of the bottles which you label. In addition to trying their rye spirits, have some of their outstanding Pearousia pear brandy.      

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