Tasting Kintra Glen Scotia 18 Single Cask

GlenScotiaGlen Scotia is the lesser known distillery in Campbeltown, and is often shadowed by the more popular and well known Artisan distillery of Springbank.  It’s also fairly small with an output of about 150,000 litres per year, having only 3 employees making whisky… For me this was my first Glen Scotia ever , and it’s not really surprising sine they have only a 12 year old OB, and a few OB peated and heavily peated OBs bottled from single casks (#78,404,511 – as displayed on the distillery site and most others are IBs.

I was discussing this whisky with some of my online Dutch friends, and one of them , T. told me how good this one, and that he tried it once, and had to buy a few bottles, so i did have some high expectations before trying this one for the first time.

Kintra Glen Scotia 1992 ,18 yo , Sherry Cask,  52.6% ABV , € 75

Nose : Demerara sugar, dried fruits (Sultanas), spices, and quite some smoke, which i was not expecting at all. Also, some Balsamic notes mixed with wet old wood.
Palate: Smokey sherry, Can this get any better? Smoke is felt immediately, kind of a BBQ smoke after grilling meat in a sweet marinade , The sultanas, and dry fruits are also here, and a certain fruitiness i can not put my finger on.
Finish : Smoke, leather, chocolate. with the leather and smoke just lingering.

Bottom line:

Smoke, sweetness, sherry. this can not get any better.
Amazingly good, a true cracker! the best Kintra i had so far, and by far.

Score: 91/100

6 thoughts on “Tasting Kintra Glen Scotia 18 Single Cask

  1. I’ve tried some Glen Scotia whiskies from IB, and loved it every time. Also have at home an SMWS Glen Scotia expression (“93.43 Two-Faced Duality”), which is top notch.

    Not surprised the Kintra Glen Scotia is also great. We must try to taste some GS OBs!

    Gal, Nice set of posts about Kintra.

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