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Kintra Whisky is a small Dutch company, relatively young. It was established in September 2009 by Eric Molenaar and was a result of his love for Scotland and its whiskies. Prior to founding Kintra Eric had been organizing whisky tasting  sessions for years. Starting with family, friends and co-workers. This slowly developed into more professional N&T events for liquor stores and other companies. After Eric’s third visit to Islay he decided that he wanted to do something more with this love for whisky, and set his mind up to

to launch his very own whisky-label. “Kintra” is  derived from the beautiful bay on the south-east side of the Isle of Islay.

Kintra bottles single cask, cask strength whisky  from every region in Scotland. So far about 12 different whiskies have been bottled. The "Kintra Single Cask Collection" is available in the Netherlands, Belgium and possibly Japan in the near future.

I first came across the Kintra label when reading Ruben’s notes on it, and later by chance happened to stumble upon Eric in one of our online twitter tastings. In the next few days, i will be reviewing four of Erik’s bottlings : A Caol Ila  25 yo, a Bunnahabhain 13 yo, a Glen Scotia 18 yo, and a  Macduff 25 yo. All are very interesting, and some are exceptional in quality.

Check this space starting tomorrow for tasting notes.


4 thoughts on “Kintra Single Cask Collection

  1. Just been reading your two reviews of Kintra whisky’s. Made me curious about them, but going to taste three of them Dalmore 1999, Tamdhu 1990 and Ardmore 1992 in a twitter tasting (in Dutch, sorry) on the 8th on June. Can’t wait for this to happen, but thirst I have a Whiskeytasting on the 1st of June and a Blind twitter tasting on 31 May (again in Dutch). Looking forward to it and always fun reading your notes! 

    1.  Thanks for the Kind word Geert.
      It seems i have studied the wrong languages in highschool with all those amazing twitter tastings in dutch.
      i hope to be able to sample those 2 new ones as well.
      let me know ho you liked those in the twasting.

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