Tasting the Master of Malt 50 year old Speyside

I’ve had some older malts in the last few months, but this 50 year old is by far the oldest I’ve ever had. After liking the 30,40 year old Speysiders from MoM, this was indeed the next step. This lovely dram was distilled and put into a cask some 14 years before I took my first breath. Quite romantic to think of it that way eh? The world was indeed so different back then. No laptops,Internet,Facebook,Twitter. No cell phones, DVD, even no CDs. It was a simpler, slower world. An now some 50 years after, here were are, going for a dive into history.

Let’s dram!

Master of malt 50 yo speyside, 40% ABV, £249 from MoM

Nose: Deep. Amazingly lively for it’s age with some  Raisins, old sofas (yes, old sofas like the ones you find in English men only clubs) , Some sugar, heather and loads of  Dill , yes dill ( thanks Josh !, for pinpointing this je ne sais quoi smell i was so trying to put into words)
Mouth : Starting on spices , nuts, sultanas , milk chocolate with old leather combined (Remember the old sofas?, they are back)

Finish : sugared nuts, sherry and sultanas, lingering on and on….

Bottom line:

An excellent dram, still quite vibrant considering it’s a middle aged malt. The nose promises, and the mouth delivers. Complex,Stylish, and well priced (I know it’s not cheap, but hey – This baby is 50 years old!, what did you expect?). Great bottling from MoM. A true gem.

Score: 92/100

Sincere thanks to the chaps at MoM for this lovely lovely sample.

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