Mackmyra Twasting – May, 2nd 2011


Twasting season has begun, and this time with a very interesting twasting of a whisky distillery outside Scotland – Sweden! Mackmyra distillery has been producing whisky in Sweden since 1999. Until now it has been sold mostly in Europe, and now it’s breaking new grounds and expanding their distribution world wide.

Join me, and Angela D’Orazio (Master Blender at Mackmyra)  and fellow whisky bloggers in tasting four different Mackmyra samples for the first time: (left to right).

  • Mackmyra Brukswhisky
  • Mackmyra Special:06 Sommaräng
  • Mackmyra Moment Jord
  • Mackmyra Moment Drivved


I’m very excited to try those expressions for the very first time (I only had one Mackmyra expression before).

So, log into twitter May,2nd 19:00 GMT.

See you there (and if not, my tasting notes will be online soon afterwards)


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