Quick Dram: Ardmore Traditional Cask

I’ve been hearing good things about the Ardmore traditional for some time, and been meaning to give it a try. A peated whisky, out of Islay is always interesting, and this young malt should pack enough oomph, right? and i know that Speyside peated malts are really nice…

The Traditional casks is matured in quarter casks which boost maturation, by offering more contact of the wood with the spirit inside the smaller casks (in which the ratio is higher than in bigger casks).

Ardmore Traditional Cask, 46% ABV, NAS, £29 (here)


Nose: Starting on some smoke, malt, some hints of aniseed, and toasted wood and maltiness.
Palate: Barley, cereals, sweet mouth watering maltiness which is very nice, some peat is here, but not a lot, and smoke is playing 2nd fiddle. quite ‘buttery’ and nutty.
Finish : Smoke, wee spice. Medium length.

Bottom line:

Good malt, at a great price, a lovely change from Islay peat , and far less medicinal for those who do not appreciate that quality in Islay drams. I can definetly see this one added to my bar, nothing that would blow your head away, but solid quality. I can see why a lot of whisky friends speak highly of this one.

Score: 84/10

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