Tasting Old Pulteney by – G&M Reserve Selected by Van Wees / DH17

After the OP ‘twasting’ a few months ago, I was very much interested in trying other OP’s. While chatting via twitter with a Dutch whisky aficionado , we agreed on a sample swap. A few days later this shiny wee bottle arrived all the way here, and i was really excited to try it. Will it be similar to the WK 209 (having both shared a sherry maturation process), what would an older sherried OP would taste like? This whisky was Distilled: 10/16/1991 , Bottled: 17-06-2009, by DH17 and is 17 year of age, aged in a Refill Sherry Butt #3643. Only 433 bottles were ever made.

Old Pulteney 1991 G&M  Reserve,  56.7% ABV , Cask 3643 Refill Sherry Butt , Selected by Van Wees/Dh17 , 433 bottles

Old Pulteney label

Colour: Dark Sunset Gold

Nose: Deep Sherry influence, the sort of meaty, masculine stuff you get after long years in a sherry butt. Dates, Liquorice, Honey Syrup, and some brine.

Palate:  Mega Impact on the pallet and taste buds : Alcohol is pretty strong, then off to Demerara sugar, dried fruit salad (dates, prunes, sultanas), Milk Chocolate, coffee, leather and ending on spicy stuff : chilly and nutmeg. very sweet, strong and intensive. Not the usual OP . (yet a bit similar to the Wk209, but without the rubber, and not as heavy). Oily mouth-feel and really warming. Winter drink, par excellence.

Finish : Prune jam, cocoa, and burnt sugar. very very long.

This one calls for a wee bit of water, so after a few drops added:

With water: nose is more woody, and the sweet notes become even more evident. palate: gets much more spicy with the chilli kicking in quite early,and more wood spice.

Bottom line:

A really nice sherried OP, I’d say it’s better than the WK209, and it offers a lovely mix of sherry and spiciness. It’s not a classic OP, but well worth trying. Winter drink, very comforting, and delicious.

Score: 88/100

Thanks to PO for the sample

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  1. I think I’ve seen this bottle around before but for whatever reason I always passed it by. Aside from the “meaty” note, this sounds just lovely! May need to source a bottle… Thanks for the great notes Gal!

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