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Tasting SpringBank ‘Jazz Edition’


Now it’s official. Springbank is coming to Israel.(it was available in the duty free shops,but now will be widely available). While i am sure the pricing will still be crazy (tax, tax and more tax), it’s nice to know you can buy Springbank,Longrow and Hazelburn in your local whisky shop. I will be dedicating a post to the Springbank lineup shortly, but to celebrate the occasion, notes on a limited edition which is a bit different : the Jazz edition.

I’ve Been a big jazz fan long before i even started liking whisky, and I’ve kept the passion for good Jazz. I was really delighted to discover a lovely book by Hans Offringa that makes the link between Whisky & Jazz, two of my passions.  As it happens this dram was bottled for the release of this book. this 14 year old whisky was aged in a cream sherry casks, and was bottled at Cask Strength (56%). Very interesting to give a sherried SB a chance, eh?

Springbank 14 yo ‘Jazz’ edition , 56%

Nose: At first whiff, quite a lot of gunpowder , then after letting it rest in the glass for a few minutes, the sherry notes do come up, with some dried fruit (apricot,sultana) engulfed in some sort of wee brine and sea weed notes.
Palate: Sweet entry, with the dried fruit, earthy notes, and some apricot marmalade, then it gets peppery and spicy, with chilly, ginger.
Finish: medium length with some marmalade lingering, oak, drying.

Bottom line:

This is a very nice Springbank, one of the better ones I’ve had recently. Lovely sherry effects, and good strength. I seen to like it better than the OBs I’ve had recently. Quite nice. a good surprise. The downside, is that i can not find it online in one of my regular whisky shops. Anyone seen it around?

Score: 86/100


Since we’re talking Jazz, let’s send the post with one of the classic all time videos, featuring two jazz giants : Miles Davis, and John Coltrane, in a great piece  “So What?!”. sheer pleaure.


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I’ve tried a sample of this one a few months ago and I don’t really like this expression.

Great post, great book, great song, and great sounding whisky!

I tried the 2010 Springbank 18 and really liked the sherry influence relative to the 2009 release. This one definitely sounds like one worth trying!


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