Tasting Glenfarclas Quarter Casks

I like the Glenfarclas distillery, they do ONLY what they do well.Sherry maturation. From the 105 to the 12,15,15,21,30 to the amazing 40 year old  which I’ve tried every single dram was great. At Glenfarclas they do not play with wood finishes, tricks or gimmicks, No sir. They keep on producing excellent sherry matured whiskey. year after year. This one is no different, well made, and fitting for the Glenfarclas name. What’s unique in this expression is the maturation in smaller “Quarter Casks”. Maturation in smaller casks means more surface to whisky ratio, faster maturation, and more flavours penetration from the wood to the spirit. The whisky was distilled in 1987 and bottled in 2006 ,

Glenfarclas quarter casks, 1987, 46% ABV


Nose: Lovely nose. sweet, Big prune, leather, wee wee smoke there.

Palate : Thick sweet flavours, the expected dried fruit, cocoa, dark chocolate, a lot of prunes, and wood.

Finish : Long, drying and woody at the end. licking the walls of a wooden box that held previously dried prunes. that’s it in one sentence.

Bottom line:

This is a very good dram, the wood is quite strong, and the dried prunes reign. I do prefer the classic bottling of 15/17 to this youngster, however, it’s a thouroghly enjoyable dram, very suitable for winter (Istaeli winter, for sure).

Score : 87/100


4 thoughts on “Tasting Glenfarclas Quarter Casks

  1. I remember this one… My neighbour brought this bottle along one evening and I really enjoyed it (more so since he left it in my cupboard^^).
    I recently bought another 20yo Glenfarclas (some German-market “limited rare bottling”, whatever that means…) It’s a 1996 vintage, bottled in 2017.
    Can’t wait to try it! Thankfully, the weekend isn’t too far off…
    For 60 Euros it’s a real bargain for sure!


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