‘Glendronach Time’ , Session #1 : The Octarine 8 yo


The first tasting note in the ‘GlenDronach Time’ sessions will be of course the youngest offering from GD , the ‘Octarine”. This one comes from a mix of Bourbon/Sherry casks , and is matured for 8 years. Available mostly in the French market, as it was originally supposed to be sold only in the French “Carrefour” supermarket chain, but it’s now also distributed in other parts of Europe (Germany,Benelux) and some online shops as well. An interesting young Glendronach, to start the week with, right?

Let’s dramm!


GlenDronach ‘Octarine’, 8 yo, 46% ABV , EUR 30

glendornach-8YO octarine-side-by-side-210mm_187

Nose : Starting fruity (think of Apricots/peaches) , continues on malty sweetness , some citrus , fresh that what comes to mind here. Hints of honey and wood. Some smokiness also, which is quite surprising on this one. sort of sweet BBQ kind of smoke, but not too much.

Palate : fruit on the entry, with potent wood and vanilla,  for it’s young age, chocolate, and malt.

Finish: Medium wood malt and sweet barley. then getting spicy and bitter . Lovely.

Bottom line:

Very enjoyable. Quite mature for it’s age. Classic Whisky no tricks or gimmicks. Well done. For the price it’s a good deal. Good entry point ‘Dronach.


Score : 83/100


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