Tasting Duncan Taylor Rare Auld Auchroisk 1988


Auchroisk (pronounced : “OH-thrusk”) [translated from Gaelic : Ford of the red stream] Lies on the road between Keith and Craigellachie in the whisky region of Speyside. It’s quite a young distillery established only in 1974. Currently owned by whisky giant Diageo, its malt is mostly used in blends, and also available in OB of the “Flora & Fauna” series, as well as by few independent bottlers.There are not many new bottlings of this malt, so i was really excited to try this older expression from DC.

Rare Auld Auchroisk 1988 22YO C30450
Duncan Taylor Auchroisk, 22 yo, 1988,bottled 2010, Cask # 30450 , 51.6% , £67

Nose: Starts a little bit sharp on the nose. lemony, then ,malty and sweeter notes of fruit. With time in the glass, those sharp notes become weaker. Some herbal notes as well. Water accentuates the wood, and citrus/spice.

Palate: The palate is spicy,peppery and fruity, with the malty notes arriving later on.  with water, the palate gets more chocolaty, then bitter.

Finish : Medium Chocolate, butter, and oak. With water added bitterness is felt.

Bottom line:

My first Auchroisk, and i liked it quite a bit. This is a good dram and definetly worth the money. I’d love to sample some more ‘Roisks as to be able to compare….

Score : 87/100

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