Tasting Cooley Greenore 18 yo Single Grain


The Irish whisky market is controlled by two whisky giants. One of them is Cooley which produces quite a few whisky brands (Tyrconell, Connemara , Kilbeggan, and Greenore). Greenore is Cooley’s Grain whisky brand, and it’s core line-up consists of a 6,8,15 and a new 18 year old which is about to be released in the near future. The 18 year old expression is bottled in small batches and is limited to 4000 bottles worldwide.

Single grain is made from corn/maize as opposed to Single malts which is made from Barley. Most Grain whiskies are used for by the whisky industry as a component in Blended whiskies, and only a small portion is ever bottled as Single Grain.

It’s really interesting to try an aged Single Grain, let alone an Irish Single Grain, and i was really excited to try this one. My friend Richard pointed out that he once tried the 8 year old expression, but found it rough, and didn’t appreciate the nose, and palate. I was hoping that the extra 10 years would do good to the spirit, and as Richard put it ‘Tame the Beast”.

Ok, Shall we try this one?

Greenore 18 yo, Single Grain, 46% ABV , limited to 4000 bottles, (no price yet)

Greenore 18 Year Old Whiskey. Bottle

Colour : Gold.

Nose: Vanilla whipped cream, with banana bits. Quite sharp at first, but after some time in the glass, the nose is more approachable. Some zesty notes as well, and hints of fresh cut herbs.

Palate: Sweet vanilla, with a lot of wood. There is wee alcohol bite, then the second wave of flavours reminds me of sweet bubble-gum.

Finish:Long,fruity,and bitter-sweet wood.Imagine biting on a sugar coated pencil…

Bottom line:

This is a very nice grain whisky. I didnt appreciate the nose at first., but some time in the glass mellowed the alcohol bite, and the nose got quite pleasant with those sweet,sugary and banana notes. The palate is not Over complex, but is nice enough, and it is very drinkable. All in all not a bad dram. I wonder what the price would be. Deducing from the 15 year old, it’s not going to be cheap.

Score : 83/100

Many thanks to Rachel from Cooley distilleries for the official and advance sample.

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