Tasting Compass Box Orangerie (whisky / infusion?!)


In addition to their great whiskies we like at Whisky Israel, Compass box also produces and expression that is not exactly whisky, but is based on whisky – The Orangerie.

Orangerie is an infusion made from scotch whisky, hand zested orange peel from Navalino Oranges and some spices (Indonesian cassia bark, and Sri Lankan Cloves).

The whisky used in this “infusion” is of Scotch Highland origins, mixed with Single Grain from Fife. As before, Compass box does use very good ingredients, to create a lovely new drink.

Whisky or not whisky, let’s get on with the notes, shall we?

Compass Box Orangerie, 40% ABV,£27 (buy here)


Nose: Sweet malty notes,engulfed by oodles of fresh orange peel, a citrusy tempest, with a sweet malty heart, that is the whisky. Some spices also evident. Very fresh.

Palate: Less sweet than anticipated, dry notes, and a lot of that orange thing. Think of a very dry Grand Marnier sort of orangie flavour.

Finish : Medium , spice, malt and oranges, some bitterness.

Bottom line:

This is a very well made whisky liquor / infusion (call it whatever you wish). It’s a bit tough sipping a lot of this on a daily basis. It’s a very interesting option after a nice meal, and with some dark chocolate on the side, it’s a perfect desert dram. I’d also expect it to be a marvellous base for some cocktails, and i intend on trying some, mixed with other ingredients to produce a cracking cocktail. The bottle is sexy as hell, and the design is veyr stylish, as always with Compass Box. Would make a perfect gift for someone who appreciates good whisky, and liquors.

Worth a try, i think. Master of Malt features a wee sample of this should  you wish to experiment without buying a full bottle. Worth a try.

Score : 84/100

Thanks to Chris of CB for the official sample..

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