Whisky round table Jan 2011 : Craft Distilling & Future of Whisk(e)y


It’s time for the first Round table for 2011.  As you remember the Whisky Round Table is a collection of 12 whisky bloggers from around the world. Once a month we convene on a different blog to discuss a particular question pertaining to whisk(e)y.

This month our hosts are the guys from Whisky Party, an excellent American whisky blog. They chose to discuss an interesting issue:

The American whisk(e)y industry is in a so-called ‘experimental’ period, in which new microdistilleries are offering a multitude of less traditional and less regulated variations on single malt and traditional American whiskey styles.  How long do you predict this trend will continue, and what will be the ultimate impact on the American and/or global whisk(e)y industry?

It’s interesting to read the different knight’s answers, and you can do just this by clicking this link!

Happy reading, and Happy New Year.


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