Tasting Glenmorangie Quarter Century–25 yo

My friend Josh is a Glenmorangie devotee. When he got this bottle and sampled it, he was on the top of the world. I did manage to get a wee sample of this one from him some months ago, and saved this little precious dram (a rather generous 50 ml, when you take into consideration the price of this one) for a special occasion, or for a time i could sit , sniff this alone, in the quiet of of my home without cry of kids, babies, TV etc. (a.k.a : family).

This time has come. and one quiet friday night, after everyone was sleeping, i sat down, poured me a dram, and sniffed and sniffed and sniffed. Ok, i also tasted. and you know what? Every word of Josh’s is true.

Glenmorangie Quarter Century 25 yo , 43% ABV, £189


Nose: Deep as the grand canyon. Starting quite sweet with honeycomb sweet vanilla,big-time. dried fruit (plum), lemon drops, tinned apricot. , jam sweet.

Palate : Creamy and oily, heavy stuff, damp wood, vanilla, espresso , milk chocolate,  continuing with quite a few spices (ginger,pepper) which die after a few seconds. the fruits are here too (from the nose) very ripe fruit.

Finish : Bitter cocoa, with some chocolate notes (sweet), oak and fruit.

Bottom line : It’s awesome. If you are rich, buy this. If not, Price / Quality ratio is not the best you can get out there, but hey – if you are into Glenmo, you need this one on your shelf. Period.

let’s end this post with a little video summarizing all whisky lover’s dreams:

Again, Thanks to my good friend Josh for this generous sample.



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