December 2010, Scotland & Israel–complete opposites

It’s hard for us here in Israel to depict scotland in winter. We hear about heavy snow, closed roads, ice, airports, and everyone is freezing where here, it’s supposed to be winter too , yet it’s hotter than in the Scottish summer.

My amigo Lukasz Dynowiak from the EWB and now Social media consultant for Inver house distillers updates about the snow issues in those distilleries :

Quoting Gordon Bruce, Knockdhu Distillery Manager (makers of AnCnoc)

‘Not the best possible whisky making weather’ – he jokes. ‘It’s -19C here today and we have about 2 ½ ft of snow. It is a wee bit difficult getting raw materials in and ready product out but we’re managing. One of the boys slept in the still room on Monday night to make it to work on Tuesday, that’s dedication for you!

Knockdhu in snow

So far the snow has not damaged any warehouses (as it did last year)…

Balblair seems also to be under thick snow:

Distillery Manager John MacDonald, : ‘We’ve survived. Made of strong stuff up here. We are in full production, we have enough malt, yeast and oil to keep us going”

Balblair in snow


And in israel, here is a pictures I took yesterday in a site near the sea. 28 C, sunny. I had to wear a hat!


At least it’s cool in the evenings, to enjoy a wee dram. and I’ve been enjoying quite a few, since the end of the horrible summer we had.

Let’s take some rain and cold from Scotland, and swap it with Sunshine , what do you say?


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