create you own whisky with master distiller John Glaser (Compass Box)


It’s no secret that i love the whiskies John Glaser of Compass Box makes. I’ve tasted quite a few, Recently the ‘Flaming Heart’ and ‘Double Single’ 10th Anniversary , and loved them.

Exceptional cask selection , and creative blending, creates some wicked whiskies.

Now, The folks at Master of Malt, teamed up with CB’s Glaser to create a wonderful competition, i think you need to know about. I sure am dying to win it.


Two lucky winners will undergo a blending session with master blender John Glaser. At the end of the session they will create their own whisky, which they can take away with them. how cool is that?!


But wait, The prize also includes dinner at Hix Restaurant, an award-winning London restaurant which was voted Best New Restaurant 2010 by Time Out Magazine, followed by a night’s stay at the High Road House hotel, an exclusive hotel and private member’s club.

Now that is totally cool.

All you need to do, is buy a wee bottle of CB from Master of Malt, and enter the lottery. 250 people can participate, so the chances are not that bad…

I am going to order my bottle ASAP.

John, wait for me!

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