Tasting AnCnoc 16

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I recently reviewed the AnCnoc 12, and quite liked it, very affordable, and good summery malt. Delicate,and refreshing. Now, it is time for a go at its bigger brother, the 16 year old.  Let’s try that one now, shall we?


AnCnoc 16 , 46 % ABV , £40 (buy here)

Nose:  Lovely mix of citrus, anise, apples and vanilla drops. quite fresh and zesty.

Palate: Peppery , woody, some vanilla, spices and toffee. I didn’t expect the pepper, i must admit it. turns a bit bitter towards the end. the citrus is almost gone now.

Finish : spicy,bitter wood.

All in all, i prefer the 12 which is lighter, more summery.

bottom line :

I find  this older AnCnoc not as good and enjoyable as it’s younger 12 year old brother. Especially the bitter finish. I was totally not expecting pepper on this one. It’s not bad, don’t get me wrong, but if i had to choose between this and the cheaper 12, i would not hesitate.


Further reviews of AnCnoc 16:

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  • Josh from the JSMWS tried both 12 and 16 side by side – here .



Thanks to Lucas D. for this sample.

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