Tasting Compass box Double Single – 10th Anni. bottling

So, Compass Box, one of the better independent bottlers, and whisky innovator, led by J.Glaser has turned 10. How time flies! It’s no secret that i am quite the admirer of Glaser’s work. I’ve previously reviewed their core range, and when I’ve heard they just released two expressions to mark their 10th, I knew i wanted to review those ASAP.

Double Single is actually a re-do of a blend released by CB in 2003, and never released after that. Essentially it’s a marriage of two whiskies  – One is a single malt, and one is a single grain. The idea is to show the benefits of blending, and what great outcome can be achieved when marring and blending grain and malt of extraordinary quality. I know, most of us whisky geeks / snobs usually pass on blended whisky because of the ‘evil’ grain, but as CB have shown before with the Hedonism, Grain whisky can be fabulous.

Double Single is made from 18 year old Single malt from Glen Elgin (76% of the vatting) , combined with a single cask 21 year old grain whisky made in Port Dundas (24%). The former was aged in a refill American oak hogshead, where the latter was aged in first-fill American Oak hogshead.

Bottled at 53.3 % ABV, and Non Chill filtered, and natural colour (like we like !), it is indeed a very interesting whisky to sample. Only 876 bottles were ever made of this one. let’s see what magic John Glaser is up to this time :

Compass Box ‘Double Single ‘ , 53.3% ABV, £99.00Double Single 15815 LMDW

colour : Pale Gold.

Nose: grassy, vanilla, citrus , cloves, vanilla hovering on top. rye notes? , wood , and some coconut.

Palate : Vanilla, cereal grains, fresh hot buns dough, a lot of wood and lemon drops, and a certain fruity quality i cant really put my finger on.

Finish : Medium , with vanilla, lemon , wood and burnt sugar (bitter).

Bottom line :

very complex, interesting, and one of the best I’ve had from Compass Box. What a way to celebrate their 10th –  With style. Again, J.Glaser delivers.  Pity only a few bottles were ever made. My advice for you  – Get one while you can. It’s not cheap, but very interesting.


Sincere thanks to Chris of the Compass Box whisky Co. for this sample.

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