Tasting Balblair vintages 2000 , 1989 (Online!!)

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I am a twitter animal, i enjoy twitting and i also enjoy whisky tasting online. Sometimes a few internet friends join me for a #twhisky as we call it.

This time it was a bit different. Lucas from the EWB handed out Balblair samples to a quite a few bloggers, which were to be opened and sampled all at the same time online November 10th, 19:00 GMT. What a grand idea. Of course i was eager to take place (sample some good whisky, with good company). We were to be joined by John MacDonald – Balblair Distillery Manager. Cool.

Now to the Twitter tasting: At 21:00 , all was quiet as Maison Granov . Kids, were asleep. Wife was in bed, and i was thirlled to pop open those two sweet little minis. their shape is so cute. All were online, waiting for the sign to pop open those bottles and start sniffing, tasting and twitting.

We started with the Balblair 2000 vintage.

Balblair 2000Balblair 2000 vintage , 43% ABV

Colour : Chardonnay (no colouring materials are added. i got a confirmation on that during the tasting form Lucas)

Nose : What a nice exotic fruit salad we got over here, some vanilla and honey too. during the tasting i described the nose as ‘Vanilla Ice cream, with some honey drizzled all over, and nuts on top’ quite poetic, i agree but very true. This young nose is very very pleasant and appetizing. i couldn’t wait to try some on the palate. Lucas had outdone himself describing this one as a sweetish  girl..

Palate: Sweet, honey, floral notes combined with hints of coconut , ginger and white pepper. The fruits are there also, a lovely melange that’s hard to pinpoint. all in all very fruity and spiced.

Finish : Smooth, long and fruity. Nice.

As this was a twitter tasting, i took a wee movie clip of myself sitting in my kitchen and swirling and nosing this lovely dram. so here you go :

Sniffing the Balblair 2000 vintage
Balblair 1989 vintage , 43% ABV,£42

alan 7998

Colour : Amber Gold(no colouring materials are added. i got a confirmation on that during the tasting form Lucas)

Nose : Still very fruity like the 2000, but heavier with more oak , raisin and  dried banana and pineapple. More complex, and wood. spices are there too.

Palate: Fruits (raisins, sultanas,banana, apple) and some cherries dipped in sherry, Spicy ginger and again that white peppery thing is noticeable.  The 2000 DNA is also in full motion here, but more complexity and heaviness due to the wood influence . Complex stuff. Lovely.

Finish : Long fruity, spicy and dry.

Bottom line : the  2000 is a  very nice summer drink if i can think of one. The nose is very fruity, and i absolutely loved it. I think i can drink this stuff quite a lot , as our weather here in Israel is warm most of the year.

The 1989 vintage is somewhat “heavier” yet still displays quite a few vintage 2000 traits, in addition to more complexity wood  and further spiciness. It’s more of an autumn drink in my book, and it’s very well made. Can’t say i prefer one to the other, it’s jut a timing thing whether i would rich for this or the other.

I would like to thank Lucas and Balblair for this opportunity to taste two expression I’ve yet to try, online with great company of whisky lovers and friends (some older, and some i just got to know on this event, and i am sure will keep on being great on-line buddies).

Online tastings are so much fun, hoping for more in the future.


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