Online Balblair twitter tasting event TONIGHT! (Nov 10th)

Good morning lads and lassies


I am quite happy to inform you about a wee online tasting event which will take place today, Wednesday Nov. 10th. The event organized by Alembic Comms and the Edinburgh whisky blogs guys (Lucas, Chris) will boast quite a few whisky bloggers, which are active on twitter.

So, please log into twitter tonight 1900 GMT (21:00 Israel time) and join us using the #Balblair hashtag.

the tasting will be led by John MacDonaldBalblair Distillery Manager (@balblairwhisky – follow him if you are still not) .

We are going to taste two wee drams:

  • 2000 vintage
  • 1989 vintage

It will be oodles of fun.

See you tonight

@galg (on twitter)


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