Tasting two Glenfarclas

glenfarclasGlenfarclas is one of my favourite when it comes to good sherry maturation. Their selection of fine casks and the fact they only do  what they excel in  : sherry, and do not play with any bizarre and exotic finishes, adds a few points in my book. The 15 year old has been a favourite of mine, and I’ve previously reviewed also the 12 year old which is quite different from those two, but very enjoyable. After getting a wee sample of the 17 I’ve not tasted previously, i though of putting those two head to head to see how they differ, and what a difference two years make.The 15 year old is bottled at 46% which is very good, while the 17 (why?!) is only bottled at 43%. as more distilleries are moving into 46% and no chill filtration.

Ok let’s start dramming!

Glenfarclas 15 yo, 46% ABV , £36

Cgf15olour : Golden Amber

Nose : Sherry notes, earthy peat and some wet earthy sand, dry fruits and leather . rather complex concoction. Butterscotch.

Palate: Big bodied, sherry, wee smoke ad peat notes, dried fruits , sugared candy , dark chocolate. big body and very comforting

Finish: Dark chocolate, sherried fruit and some metal notes and wee smoky trail.

Glenfarclas 17 yo, 43% ABV


Colour : Dark Golden Amber

Nose: Big sherry, sweeter than the 15 year old. sultanas,raisins, dates and plums. immersing and very round. a bit mossy ground. fungus.

Palate: Honey, dried fruits and spices (nutmeg, cinnamon) some zest and wee peat smoke. Round, oily and mouth coating.lovely. just plain lovely. Bigger bodied & oilier than the 15.

Finish : Long, nutty and sherry-sweet. ending on spice.

Bottom line:

It’s hard for me to choose between those two excellent sherry drams, It’s like asking a father to say which kid he prefers Winking smile But i can say that i was very surprised by the 17 year old. It seemed sweeter and heavier in body, although it was weaker in ABV %.  But again, the 15 displays a nice wee smoke … So, If i had to choose only one bottle right now, i would go with the 17 year old, but that can change tomorrow. I need both bottles in my bar, but it seems it’s harder to locate the 17 year old.

Well done Glenfarclas. Again, it’s a no miss.


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