Whisky Bible 2011 winners – The survey – results

Earlier this week I posted about the new Bible and its winners here, but I was very curious as to what my readers were thinking. my first response was “WTF?!”, and I wanted to see if it was just me… So, I put this little survey online and….

A few days have passed since I’ve put the survey online, to try and see what you think of this year’s whisky bible awards given by the (in)famous Jim Murray.

My initial question was : ‘So, Ballantine’s 17 is #1 whisky what do you think?’

The results were not very surprising. Not even one person thought it’s well deserved. and most of you either said “WTF?!” or that Murray has lost it.

Here are the results:

So, Ballantine’s 17 is #1 whisky what do you think?


I guess I will really have to try this one and see for myself.

Thanks for everyone who participated.


Gal, Whisky*Israel

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