Former ‘Laddie’ Sales Mgr. MacLellan to join Glendronach


Usually i don’t really focus on whisky industry news, but this time i think it’s worth a mention. so a little update , if you will allow me. Winking smile

As a twitter / FB  ‘animal’ twitting 24/7 I’ve met quite a few nice people working in the whisky industry, blogging, tweeting. You could not have missed Donald MacLellan , who was the voice behind  @bruich_sales , one of the most active twitter sales accounts to be found.

Donald served as a Regional Sales Manager at Bruichladdich Distillery, letting us know about interesting new expressions from the laddie , and boy did they have a lot of those…  News is that Don is moving on, leaving Islay and heading to Speyside, where he will assume the role of ‘International Market Development Executive’ and ‘Regional Sales Manager’ for BENRIACH and GLENDRONACH.

For those who do not know don, his whisky story is quite interesting : Donald  grew up in Australia, in a Scottish family, his ancestors lived on Islay. He Initially arrived in Islay for a wedding, was offered a wee job by Jim McEwan doing some admin for a wee wage and a bottle of scotch. He then was asked to come again for one week, and before he knew it he was working for the Laddie. He lived on Islay for a year doing all sort of jobs (warehouse/bottling/tours/admin/cask sales) and then continued to a sales position based in Glasgow for 4.5 more years.


He was responsible for eastern Europe and Russia sales, and helped expand sales to  more than 15 active markets/countries including Baltics, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

Recently BenRiach / Glendronach were looking for an International Market Development Executive and he was asked me to apply, and got the position.



in his new role Don will manage several markets in Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan etc…, in addition to developing business in South and Central America. A big challenge indeed.

Donald can now be found twitting under the : @Glendronach and writing under  the Glendronach / BenRiach Facebook pages.

So, Good luck Don, and keep up the great online Presence, i am sure we’re in for interesting times whisky wise, and social media wise.

Good luck!

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