Whisky Knights of the Round Table Meet-up #3


It’s this time of the month again. And the mighty noble knights of the whisky round table have had their third meet up. Wonderful time again, sharing the table with so many whisky lovers, who eat,breath and drink whisky.

This time the question was raised by Peter of ‘The Casks’ Blog. and was related to advertising, marketing and PR.

“We’re all prone to being influenced by advertising whether we like it or not , so let’s be honest here, how susceptible do you find yourself to the devious charms of marketing? How much does the design of the packaging, labelling, distillery website, etc. influence your excitement and opinion about a malt and your decision to buy or not to buy?”

Each of the knights contributed this thoughts and you can find them all here in this excellent and enticing post at The Casks.

A pleasure!

can’t wait for next month’s meet up!


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