Tasting the Glenfarclas 40 years old


Many distilleries pack their older 40 year old whiskies in Grand wooden boxes that cost a fortune, price their older whiskies so high that only collectors (or evil counterparts who drive the prices up and up and up) can afford, and treat them as some sort of museum exhibit. Happily Glenfarclas thinks that whiskies are to be drunk, and enjoyed by us, whisky lovers and aficionados, that drink, rather than collect.

The other reason (Ruben from WN explains) is that GF have a large stock of old whisky which is losing strength, and they needed to get those out, hence good pricing.

This expression was released by GF as few months ago, and I knew I had to try it. Thanks to MoM and their new dram sized samples, I was even able to do so without the need to take a mortgage. So here are my notes:

Glenfarclas 40 year old, 46% ABV, ~£300 (by here)


Nose: On initial whiff, i get lots of balsamic vinegar and macadamia nuts. After 10 minutes or so, the Vinegar is all gone and gives place to Wood spice, Cinnamon and nutmeg, some pipe tobacco with the expected sherry notes of prunes, and dates. A grand nose both Very thick and enticing.

Palate: Starting on Sherry notes of the prunes , then comes a whiff of chocolate and prune jam, espresso cocoa and some nuttiness. Wine notes. A little tingle on the tongue. Big bodied and creamy feeling.

Finish: Long on the coffee and chocolate, not as oaky as one would think a 40 year old to be, way to go Glenfarclas.

Summing it up:

This is really an absolutely grand dram. Older, with a vibrant nose and note too oaky as some 40 year old tend to be. Sherry is just right, and balance is perfect.

The only problem is now I have to shell out around £300 to get it, because I am in love. Life is tough.

Score : 93/100

Anyways, Happy Bank holiday to my UK friends, enjoy your long weekend, and drink up. Why not a wee ‘Farclas 40?


5 thoughts on “Tasting the Glenfarclas 40 years old

  1. Yossi, this one is really great.
    you should go for the dram MoM offers. a very cool way to experience malts you are not sure are worth the $$$.
    this one is. now, i am saving 😉

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