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Compass box is a leading ‘Artisanal’ whisky company, or ‘Independent bottler’ as we call them. It is in existence only 10 years, but it is far from obscure, and has generated quite some noise (mostly positive) in the very traditional whisky pond. As an Artisan whisky company, its products are generally are a vatting or blending of single malts, and even grain (the Hedonism, for example which is a vatting of 100% grain whiskies), drawing it’s sources from high quality casks it sources out from various distilleries. It has also created a quite a stir when in 2006 the SWA made them stop producing the ‘Spice Tree’ using a technique they thought was ‘illegal, but more on this when we review the 2nd generation (and now legal) spice tree.

Compass box has won quite a few awards in the recent years including ‘Innovator of the year’ by whisky magazine, which is impressive.

The mastermind and ‘locomotive’ behind the CB company is their John Glaser, who started the company in 2000,  after working long years in the wine industry, the dreaming of setting up a whisky company and started fine producing and fine-tuning his first whiskies in his kitchen.  John is always looking for new techniques particularly in oak maturation in order to create compelling whiskies.


In the coming weeks i will be posting my tasting notes for most of the CB core line

  • Asyla
  • Peat monster
  • Oak Cross
  • Spice Tree
  • The Orangerie
  • Hedonism

so stay tuned….

First review, will be … i think you guessed it : The Peat Monster.  Which came highly recommended by a friend.

in the meantime enjoy a little funny video the Compass Box put up in their you tube account. funny guys:

Oak Cross!

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