Whisky Round table round #2


After last month’s great success of the Round Table blogging forum, it was time for this month’s round. This time hosted by Yossi (Josh) of the JSMWS blog. It’s a great honor and very exciting for me to also participate this time.

To remind you, the Round table ‘whisky knights’ are:

Chris – Nonjatta
Keith – Whisky Emporium
Karen & Matt – Whisky For Everyone
Ruben – Whisky Notes
Mark – Glasgow’s Whisky (And Ale)
Neil & Joel – Caskstrength.net
Lucas & Chris – Edinburgh Whisky Blog
Jason – Guid Scotch Drink
Gal (your humble servant) – Whisky Israel
Mike – Whisky Party
Peter – The Casks
Joshua – The Jewish Single Malt Whisky Society

This month the question raised by Yossi was : “How did you develop you “nose” and “palate”?  What was your turning point for actually trusting what you were smelling and tasting?  What do you do, if anything, to strengthen your senses and/or help your smell and taste to grow?”

All 12 of us replied, and you can find the questions and answers at the JSMWS post Here!

Enjoy, and Happy dramming!


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