Quick Dram : Highland Park 10 yo for WhiskyLive 2010 London

My friend and Blog partner Kfir has a big family located in Edgware, London. He does visit this wonderful city quite a few times a year, mainly for whisky and poker and some family time. When i told him about Whisky Live London, he jumped the occasion and immediately ordered tickets. I swore him to bring back some interesting whiskies, and to pre-order this special HP release and so he did. Kfir had a lovely time there, and documented his visit with a post a few months ago, but i didn’t have the chance to sample some of the whiskies he got on this trip, until last week. (although we’re great buddies and talk on the phone a few times a day, we meet only once in a few weeks – kids on my side, and him being busy with playing Poker and other activities).

Last week, we finally set a date for a visit at his house, and along with one of the World Cup games we sampled quite a few whiskies together – like whisky should be drunk – with friends! . I had my eyes and nose set on this beauty for some time, being an HP devotee. It was also the most special release as there are only about 600 bottles of this nectar out there, a very limited commemorative release celebrating 10 years of whisky live events.

Highland Park 10 yo , 59.3% ABV, Special Bottling for Whisky Live London 2010

Color : Deep amber.

2010_highlandparkNose: What a great nose on this young HP. Honey mixed with dried sultanas , some lovely smoke with a sweet edge to it, and then finally some oak. On second sniff i am getting some Wood varnish, and some more smoke. lovely, lovely. The essence of HP. young and kicking.

Palate : Sultanas , dried fruit and brown sugar galore. some hints of bananas. Vanilla. Oak in the middle then finishes on the dried fruit theme. Yummy.

Finish : Long. sweet fruit,  Smoke and dying on cocoa and a wee bitter edge.

This Youngster is a great example of the HP profile i like so much. It’s very strong and very very sweet on the nose and palate. Quite delicious. I did expect it to be rougher , but for a ten-year old it’s just sublime. Adding some water will tone it down and will deepen the sweet notes and rid of the wood varnish. i really enjoyed this one at original cask strength. Good choice HP, and Dave Broom – you sure know your whiskies , sir!


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